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Our Purpose

Anderson Valley Village is not a village. It is not even a place. It is an idea. It is a way of strengthening the fabric of our community by simultaneously supporting and engaging older adults. The benefits clearly flow in both directions.

Services: Although the primary purpose of AVV is to provide services that help older adults remain safe and independent in their homes, it also aspires to build new bridges between generations and across cultures. Surveys of other villages have revealed that the biggest benefit that many Village members describe is connection – the feeling that they are part of something.

Events: AVV organizes social activities, educational presentations, and community projects that reinforce those connections. These events, as well as events planned by other valley organizations, can be found here.

Resources: Ultimately, the success of the Village and our community depends on efficient access to useful information. To facilitate this, the AVV website maintains a “resources tab” providing information and links for:

  •  other Valley organizations
  • emergency resources
  • disaster preparedness information
  • health and safety advice
  • and other issues

The Village Coordinator

707-684-9829  Box 576, Boonville, CA 95415