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Why Join?

The primary purpose of AVV is to enhance the quality of your life. We offer a variety of programs that aim to make life easier and more interesting.

1)  Volunteer Help. We have organized a group of caring local volunteers to help with many of the little tasks that become increasingly difficult as we age:

  • Transportation: appointments, errands, meetings, social events
  • Home maintenance: changing light bulbs, moving furniture
  • Help with pets: pet care, dog walking
  • Digital technology: help with computers, cell phones, printers, televisions
  • Personal support: companionship visits, daily check-ins 

2) Services for Hire. For more complicated tasks, we have assembled a list of service providers for hire, recommended by our community. Through our website or by phone, we can help you find the assistance you need.

3) Special Events. We organize events ranging from morning coffee groups to guest speaker presentations. Some are for members only. Others are open to the general public. They are opportunities for you to meet with friends, make new connections, and learn new information and skills.

4)   Contributing to the Fabric of Our Community. Membership in AVV is a way to enhance the quality  of life in Anderson Valley. You will be supporting a community resource and promoting issues, such as disaster preparedness, that cross cultural and generational boundaries and therefore help bring the community together. It is an investment in our future.

              For many, the fourth reason is reason enough to become a member. 

The Village Coordinator 

707-684-9829  Box 576, Boonville, CA 95415